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Heartworm Disease

Heartworm Disease is caused by infected mosquitos. In Florida, mosquitos are everywhere all year long and therefore, your pet is at risk during all seasons. It only takes one mosquito to bite your dog and they can be infected with heartworms.

Monthly heartworm preventative eliminates the risk of contracting heartworm disease. Puppies can be started on heartworm prevention as early as 8 weeks of ageand need to be on monthly prevention for their entire life. Your dogs should have a heartworm test done yearly.

By keeping your pet on preventative, you are not only preventing heartworms, but deworming them for intestinal parasites as well.

We offer Iverhart and Trifexis as monthly heartworm prevention. All of these can be purchased as 6 packs or as singles.

Feel free to ask us about the best preventative for your pet.