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"You are what you eat"

The old adage "you are what you eat" is as true for our companion animals as it is for humans. Highland Pet Hospital understands that an animal's diet is integral to its health, well being, and longevity. Different pets have different nutritional requirements based on age, lifestyle and health. For this reason, we recommend discussing your pet's individual nutrition needs with Dr. Brimacomb.

We strongly recommend GRAIN-FREE diets for most of our adult patients. In our experience, we have seen recurrent ear infections, skin allergies and weight issues all clear up when a grain-free diet was introduced. Grain-free diets have been prescribed as a helpful treatment of cancerous tumors; we believe it can help in the PREVENTION of these as well.

We say "grain free diet" because all too often we see clients feed some of the finest grain free foods available and then turn right around and feed treats and table scrapes that are mostly grain. Ask the staff of our Hospital about grain free snacks that are available.

Highland Pet Hospital proudly stocks and sells Orijen and Acana brands of dog and cat foods. We believe it is the finest pet food available today. Dr. Brimacomb gives it her own special endorsement as the exclusive food she feeds to her own dogs and cats. Not only is the entire product line grain free but the kibble is made from fresh never frozen meat and quality carbohydrates are derived from potatoes and sweet potatoes. The manufacture of Orijen, Champion Pet Foods, has an online Library with articles and papers about the science behind their biologically appropriate pet foods.

We also recommend Wellness Core and Natural Balance Grain Free Foods.

The Doctor may also prescribe specific Royal Canin Veterinary Diet foods or select Hills Prescription Diet food as a part of a treatment plan.

How does your current food rate? Dog Food Analysis and Dog Food Advisor are two sites we use to check the nutritional value of food being served by our clients, click on their banners below and see how your food stacks up!